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Area 12 - 4th Season

Hello all, 

I'm hunting the 4th season for Elk and getting ready to head out there this Thursday to hunt an extended weekend. This is our 2 or 3rd year hunting 11 / 211, but I have never ventured into area 12. I have a leftover tag which allows me to do so. As craig is a nice drive from my house and we have hunted 11 / 211 multiple years I haven't been on any scouting trips up there. Any information on Area 12 and where the elk are this time of year? Thought I might check it out a bit this year and see what the area is like. Any help would be appreciated. Best of luck to all!


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Don't have any information on

Don't have any information on those units, but I just wanted to say best of luck to you!  Hope you score a nice one and come back with some great photos and a story or 2.....

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Well how did you fare? Was

Well how did you fare? Was the trip a safe and sucsessfull one? Always a challenge to learn a new unit, just be smart and safe.