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I was told Blacktail deer only live in Alaska (free ranging). Do blacktail deer only live in Alaska?

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No.  They also live from

No.  They also live from Washington all the way down into parts of northern California.  From there, they start to mix in with mulies, and the rest of the state becomes straight mule deer.

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CA_ is right, up in AK i

CA_ is right, up in AK i think they have sitka blacktail, while in wa and or they're called columbian blacktail. in oregon they live in the cascades and the coast range, although by book definition black tails are from the I-5 corridor to the coast. in the cascade they have the chance to interbred with mule deer but its very uncommon. as most mulies live farther east. I'm not sure what there ranges are in cali or washington but i know they are there. hope this helps.

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