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Are we are own worst enemies? (Added to)

I was slumming over at another forum yesterday when I saw it. The "it" was a hunter's vivid and condescending tirade about a hunting technique that he didn't like. Someone had asked about baiting for big game. His take on baiting was less than receptive, no matter if it was legal or not.

He came very close to crossing a terrible line, saying that anyone who would bait for game was only a short trip away from spotlighting and shooting deer illegaly, no matter that baiting is legal in many places. There is a big line drawn between any legal method of harvesting game and poaching, no matter what any individual hunter thinks.

Hence, my point in writing this. If it's legal, then it's legal, period. If you don't like that technique, then tough Sh*t! I really don't care about your personal feelings reference what's actually a legal way to harvest game. Chances are you've never even seen that technique in use ever. If you have and do not prefer it, fine, simply don't think you need to convert others to your way of thinking.

Look folks, we are all hunters. We do NOT need to put out ON OPEN FORUM posts showing sniping and disagreement to our own personal techniques vs what we feel about what FELLOW hunters do. Do you really want to alienate another member of our hunting fraternity? I should hope you'd say no to that question.

Think about what you say on open forum as I can promise you that many antis prowl these type open forums, undisturbed, looking for quotes to help their causes. Do you not think that a divisive or incendiary quote made by one hunter to another is not great fodder for their BS? Well , maybe you need to sit down and think again. Nuff said.

Be pleasant to other hunters. It's OK to differ in opinion and to hunt in distinctly different ways. Just, please DO NOT proclaim your way as the only way. PLEASE!

ADDED:  One last thought that I did not remember to include in my original posting. For the record, I am not a big fan of baiting or hunting big game in a preserve setting. Those are simply my personal feelings and what I prefer. I do wish all that might participate, legally, in either or both those techniques the best of luck, many happy hunting times and a wealth of memories and trophies to include in your own personal hunting annals because we are both members of a special hunting fraternity, IMHO. No matter to me how you enjoy your hunts, as long as they are done legally and ethically.

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I Think

I think....in fact from what I've read about primative hunting techniques, that primative man used much more and much better baiting methods to harvest game animals than we really use today in modern sport hunting.  Baiting will always be a part of hunting.  If you ask me I consider game calls, decoys, and scents to be every bit as much of bait as chum, food plots, or meat barrels are for hunting.  My gripe about modern baiting is just how much of it tends to be overused and how easy it tends to make some types of hunting.  I'm NOT a big fan of food plots and tree stands for whitetail deer hunting, it's not my thing.  But it is a method for hunting and a legitimate method at that.  Personally I prefere taking game at their natural feeding or drinking areas or near game trails, or calling them in a close as possible, that's just my preference method for hunting.  For fishing I'm all about baiting, the more the better.  For Elk I'm all about using calls to bait in a cow or bull.  For waterfowl I'm all about baiting by using decoys and calls.  So as far as I'm concerned, baiting just can't really be avoided if you want to harvest an animal.  The question is how much is really nessesary??  About the only type of hunting that I do that doesn't require any type of baiting is when I'm hunting for pheasant or quail.

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Are we our own worst enemies?

Ditto.  I've been around the country enough to know that only a fool thinks his hunting standards are universal.  There are good reasons for baiting.  One reason Alaska allows bear baiting, for example, is that it found that bait hunters shot fewer sows with cubs, small bears, etc because they encountered bears at closer range and had more time to assess what they were dealing with in order to be sure.  I remember living in Michigan, and being disappointed (at the time) by people baiting deer.  But then, Michigan had 700,000 hunters in the woods on opening day, and every year there were people getting shot by accident.  Bait hunters are stationary and generally shooting down from a stand...it's much safer than having all those hunters out there roaming around running into each other.

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