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Are Animal-Rights Extremist Advocating Violence Against Trappers?


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illegal to interfere with hunting and trapping

Interfereing with hunting and trapping is illegal.  Strange that these groups can openly post jihad and death threats against trapper and not get arrested.  Yet if you say the word bomb on and ariplane or in an airport you get arrested.  You bad mouth your boss on Facebook and you'll get fired.  You make a joking threat against the President of the US publically and you'd get arrested.  Same thing should be happening to these activists.  This is homegrown terrorism against Americans.  This sounds like a genuine threat to lawful people engaging in lawful activities and law enforcement should be acting on this.

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Seattle is full of nutjobs. 

Seattle is full of nutjobs.  They are worse that San Francisco.  They have no respect for laws or law enforcement, it's the anarchist capital of the United States, and a number of other things.  And I agree, they should be rounded up and charged.  It is not any different than making a threat against the President.

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