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Anyone tried hornady ammo

Just Curious if anyone has any experience with hornady ammo. I have used remington ammo for ever and I've thought about experimenting with something else. Any feedback would be heplful

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Anyone tried hornady ammo

Funny you should ask...I just started using it this year. Bought a new kimber 7mm-08 and tokk out 3 different boxes of ammo to see which it likes best. The three were Federal Vital Shok 140Grain Nosler Partitions, Remington Corlokt 140Gr express and Hornady Light Magnum 140Grain sp's. The gun most definitley likes the Hornady light mags and shot the tightest groups with them. Interestingly, thye Hornady's are the only 7mm-08 factory loads that are advertised to shoot at 3,000 FPS. I am sold on them and will not change. I sure wasnt impressed with the way the Federals performed and I thought they would be the best. In order, the gun liked the Hornady's, Corlokts and federals

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Anyone tried hornady ammo

I started using Hornady ammo about 10 years ago and now prefer it over all other brands. In my .30-06 their 150 grain light magnums are perfect for deer and antelope. Their 180 grain light magnums are what I use for elk (when I'm not hunting with my muzzleloader).

I also like their handgun ammunition.

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Anyone tried hornady ammo

Its good stuff. Like their v-max and a-max bullet line for reloading, I've found hornady ammo to be of high quality.

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Anyone tried hornady ammo

Its the only factory ammo I shoot.


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Anyone tried hornady ammo

I use the V-max loads in my .17 HMR. I love them I can shoot a 9-shot 1 inch group @ 50 yds. Doesn't get much better than that!!

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