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Anyone hunted elk....

Has anyone hunted elk out of a tree stand?I have found two places that have alot of elk traffic through them.One stand will be for bow season and the other will be for rifle.Dose anyone know who makes a good light weight stand thats easy to pack.The hike in to these places is about 2-3miles

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Anyone hunted elk....

I knew a hunter who was from back east and tried a tree stand for elk during archery season one year. He set it up where he figured it would work to his advantage. His only comment was that he found out that elk do not come in on the exact same trail every evening or whatever to feed or water like some deer species do..this was his conclusion on hunting with one. I imagine it would work at a wallow area though.....

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Anyone hunted elk....

Never tried it, but you may want to ask the whitetail hunters and some of the eastern hunters. Tree stand use seems to be a lot more common for them.

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Anyone hunted elk....

Just got back from the state Archery Jamboree here in Idaho and I talked to some guys that use tree stands of wallows. They have been successful also. But that type of hunting is a waiting game. Some have been early in the hunt and others say they have waited till the end of the hunt. I talked with one guy alone and off to the side and he told me that he finds some good area of wallows and finds the rubs usually around them and sprays cow in heat on one side of the tree and bull urine on the other. Not high in the tree but down low and he has said it drives the bulls nuts and most times keeps the bulls longer at the wallow.
Just some tips I have picked up. I have not used this technique. Just some thoughts.

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