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Anyone here?

I would love to talk muzzle loading.

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Re: Anyone here?

I applaud your persistance. It is early summer and too many of us are out mowing the lawn instead of scouting :rotest1

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Re: Anyone here?

I like to talk ML some times. I'm a tradtional type . Right now I only own 2 both .54 Great plains riffels One is flint the other is cap and ball 60twist. the both are tack drivers at 100 yrds I can group them benched in one inch.
I have taken three white tails whith them two does and a ten pointer.
Regards F.K.

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Re: Anyone here?

I'm also into ML. I currently own 8 of them, 2 inlines and the rest are traditional ML including one flintlock. I really enjoy shooting them.

Hunting with them is also great fun and challenging. Big smile

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Re: Anyone here?

One traditional and two inlines here. Muzzleloading is a great way to get those late season bucks, especially the ones who are tired of running and are finally looking to fill their gut instead of empty their... well, you know.

I'm mowing the lawn these days, too, but I still make a point of getting out and scouting. I have a couple of Trophy Rocks out right now and a few cameras. I'm also doing a little brushing, which is great for late-season deer.

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