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Anybody bow hunted Unit 37,371 Colorado Eagles Nest Wilderness for Mule Deer

I'm looking for advice on a high alpine setting mule deer hunt in unit 37,371 for mulies. I'm over hunting them in the scrub oak because as soon as they lose there velvet they move in to country so thick you can't find'em. I'll be backpacking into the units more than likely from near elliots ridge and dropping into the bowls above timberline above green mountain and the surrounding area. The most up to date buck to doe ratio for the area is better than the units I've hunted in the past at 38 bucks to 100does. The success rates are relatively even across the board between the units with archery tackle. If you've got any advice or if your looking for a hunting partner to pack in to the 'NEST' let me know...

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I hunted deer up on the east

I hunted deer up on the east side of elliots ridge the last two years with a bow and saw a total of 3 deer.  All of which were right next to the road.  Nothing like backpacking in 4 miles just to see deer on the drive off the mountain smile

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