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Any Thoughts?

Hi my name is MIchelle and I am a student at the University of Delaware.I am a senior and will be graduating with a degree in Apparel Design. For one a my classes this semester we were given a special project with a hunting apparel company. We were asked to design a line of clothing for hot weather hunting. My team and I have been doing research about hunting and hunting clothing and we have found these forums. We thought it would be very useful to get ideas and thoughts from experienced hunters. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on warmer weather hunting. Are there any clothes that you have now that are for warm weather hunting, or do you have any ideas about what would be neccessary for hot weather? Do you have a favorite piece of hunting clothing that you have, and why do you like it? Please share any ideas or thoughts you might have on this subject. Thank you very much for your time.

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Any Thoughts?

Welcome to the forum!
I really don't have any warm weather gear, but several things to consider.
must be a breathable fabric,maybe with air vents, that doesn't stick to you. maybe removable cool packs or a built in air circulation system. concealment head to toe.
depending on what you hunt, you don't want to stink. check out cabela's or bass pro's selection of warm weather gear.
Good Luck!

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Any Thoughts?

Hi Michelle,
I live in Arizona and hunt in hot weather quite often. I'd like to take this from an archery standpoint, as that is what requires the most concealment and "quiet" factor.
Today I usually wear a long sleeved T-shirt, boonie hat, 3/4 mesh face net, cotton "dot-grip" gloves, cotton "brushed" or "chamois" pants (because they're quiet), and light uninsulated boots. I also usually have a "fleece" backpack or fanny pack. I wish a couple of things were cooler, and improved.

a) I wish I had a "boonie" hat that breathed at the top better. Some have little screen holes, and some none at all. Need something similar to some of the Aussie hat designs out there (mesh around the top). I'd use one of those but the brim of the hat is too large and hits the bow string at full draw.

b) I have some hot weather pants such as the "rip-stop" material, but they are too noisy until they are completely wore in. Don't want to do that while hunting, so they don't get used much. Anyway, forced to use warmer, quieter, pants. (bummer) It's not just the walking that has to be quiet, it's also the sound they make when brushing against bushes, etc.

c)The same goes for the backpack material. To be completely quiet I'm forced to use a fleece backback, which makes my back soaking wet in short order. The canvas type are too noisy for my liking.

d) I also wish the pants (warm or cold weather) had another pocket down by the knee that I could slip the bottom of my bow into when tree-stand hunting. A company used to make some like this, but the pocket was a little small, and should have been larger to fit the lower cam of the bow into. This makes it far easier to hold your bow vertical while sitting, as opposed to laying it across your lap. I have had my wife sow some pockets on my pants for this. I think it's important to have as little movement when raising the bow as possible.

e) Probably wouldn't hurt if the long sleeves on the T-shirt had some breathing holes, or looser weeve, as well. The super light (cheap) T-shirts rip too easy in the field. So a good long sleeve T-shirt that was cooler in the arms would be an extra, especially in summers here.

Well, that's all I can think of for now and hope it helps you. I know that if somebody could create the above, I'd buy them. Yes [/b][/i]

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Any Thoughts?

I have found that a T-shirt made with Coolmax fabric is the most comfortable to hunt with. It is a synthetic fabric that does an excellent job of wicking away any perspiration. Any little breeze is very effective in cooling.

The only problem is that I have not been able to find a manufacturer that produces camo clothing using coolmax.

My personnel preference for a camo pattern is Predator Camouflage.

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Any Thoughts?

Not that I wear them or know much about them but I would consider any of the "safari" type of clothes that are used in Africa. Not everybody is looking for total concealment.
Something similar to this:

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