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Any opening day traditions on your hunts?


I know some guys have a ritual when a deer is harvested. 

Ours ritual is that we always start opening day with apple pie and coffee for breakfast. 

What’s your favorite hunting tradition?

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Well I’m not going to lie to ya, we like to get pissed up after the first day of hunting and then it tappers off. But its more about the social aspect of it and tell the stories of the day and hunts of the past.

 It sure is tough hearing that big bang the next day unless less its coming from your rifle at a good deer then you just forget about how bad you feel!!

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as long as....

As long as everyone is sober by the time they handle a gun then its all good groundhog.  Must be pretty funny seeing someone hunt with a hangover though ;)

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I don't have a specific

I don't have a specific tradition, other than I always try to hunt the opener with my Dad.  that's special enough for me.

There are things we do on a daily basis during the season, like going by the check-in station to see if anyone we know got deer, going for breakfast at a local diner after the first morning hunt, etc.

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family time

That's awesome.  I only got to hunt with my granddad once and I haev only hunted with my dad twice.  He is not really a hunter and his health is bad so that is not likely to happen again.  So treasure those hunts!

I have the other end of the spectrum though - I get to start hunting deer with my son next year, and I'm really looking forward to making that a long, long tradition (God willing!).

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+1, groovy mike! My Dad

+1, groovy mike! Thumbs up
My Dad doesn't hunt at all, so we can't spend that quality time together. As for my Grand dad, he had promised to take me deer hunting with him when I was 6 years old. Unfortuneately, he passed away before he could take me with him. To this day, I imagine what it would have been like to hunt with my Grand dad. Everyone I have ever talked to about my Grand dad has said he was a great hunter and human being. I try every day to live up to his reputation. I would have given anything to have hinted with him just once.
So Ca-V I hope you get many more opening day hunts with your father as you're lucky to be able to spend quality time with your father. It's time that can't be retrieved.
As for our opening day traditions, we hunt the morning then return to camp for deer sausage and eggs. The evening meal is always deer cubed steak or country fried steak.
The end of year tradition has us pushing out the thickets we wouldn't hunt during the season for fear we would scare out the big bucks. So wish us luck for next Sat's hunt as this is the last deer hunt of the year.
Good luck and good hunting everyone!

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I sleep in

Then I get up and lazy around and then eat turkey dinner.

Opening day is always on Thanksgiving Day so that about wraps up hunting the opener for me.

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used to be

Well a tradition we held for a while was for the hunter who harvested have a shot with everyone, once the deer was back at camp.

HOWEVER, this year when I tried to re-invent it, I had to drink all the shots.

Well, that was good & bad.... LOL!

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A Good Breakfast

I like to get up earlier than the others and make a real good "hunter's breakfast".

Bacon or sausage, eggs, potatoes, orange juice toast and coffee.

Got to get fueled up for a long day on stand.

If anyone gets a deer opening day, we dine on the tenderloin and backstraps - Yum!


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