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any help for a young guy helpin a old guy

This will be my second year hunting with my 67 year old uncle. I know 67 isn't that old but he has arthrightis in both knees and hips, the life of a 50 year masson. He has been hunting for upwards of 45 years and has baged lots of deer but never an elk. i dont mind the leg work for him but i would like some help or suggestions for the units we are hunting. 28 and 37 are the units up by green mountain res, i took my gun for a walk there last year trying to spot some elk that was not on privte property but the only ones that i saw were spike bulls and really fast cows. We are camping up around dice hill and i would love some help if not for me for the old man who probly dosn't have that meny years left. Again i dont mind the leg work, im 26 and have a strong back

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Welcome to the forum. I'm not

Welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with the area but I'm sure someone on here is. Good luck to you guys!

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