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Any Great Books on Mountain Lion Hunting w/o dogs?

I am in search of a good mountain lion hunting book that does not focus mainly of the use of hounds. Would like some calling tips or other such books if they are out there.

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Any Great Books on Mountain Lion Hunting w/o dogs?

I have looked for the same information myself. I have never found a book, but can tell you a couple of things I have learned.

1. Calling for big cats is very, very difficult. But, it is really the only way to hunt them without dogs. Very few people will ever just happen upon a cat when out walking around. I have been hunting deer, birds, and elk for 18 yeaars or so, and have never seen one just by happenstance (to be honest, I have never seen one in the wild, so you may want to watch how much stock you take in my advice!!!). I will get one though, just takes time. They are very wary, very stealthy animals. In my mind, they are the ultimate for a predator caller, beating the best available to us, on their own ground. To think about it gives me chills. I love calling predators, and nothing comes close to the feeling of waiting out a big cat. I dont need to shoot, or see one, to have the time of my life. No other animal in this hemisphere earns as much respect from me.

2. The best info I have gotten on calling them is first and foremost, find a fresh track. Big cats can have a very large home range, so cold calling them is very seldom productive. One good way to cut fresh track is hunt as soon after snow as possible. Another is to get to know as many landowners/ranchers as you can. Make it easy for them to get in touch with you if they cut a fresh track, and be ready to go at the drop of a hat. The sooner you get there, the better. Where I hunt, this is important. There is lots of public land, but way more private. Ranchers will cooperate with you to no end if they think they have a cat or two lingering around, that you can rid them of the hazard, and most importantly, you play by their rules. If you cant find track, or dont want to wait for snow, call anyway. There is very little chance, but there is a chance. Hey, I dont think I am gonna win, but I still play the lottery. You may see a coyote, or better yet a bobcat. Bobcat furs are doing very well the last couple of years, and 5-10 little cats and 20-30 coyotes can pay for a bunch of gas. Besides, it is better to call and see nothing than stay at home watching football. I love football, by the way.

3. Spend the money on an electronic call ( a good one). Big cats are very cautious. With the amount of movement required to call with mouth blown calls, they are quite likely to see movement. No matter how well you are camo'ed up, if they think something is up, you will never see them. Couple this with the amount of time you need to call ( I have heard up to 1.5 hours), and you will want & need all of your attention turned to seeing cats and staying still, not blowing on calls.

4. The second reason I use an electronic call is the most important to me. Safety! I know the chances may be slim, but when calling a predator that dangerous, I do not want to do so well that I get one coming in thinking he/she is getting a meal, when I am pretending to be the meal. You surprising the cat is wonderful, the cat surprising you, well, you get the picture.

5. Use cat vocalizations in your electronic call. Now, I have never tried them, I am just getting into big cat calling myself, but the story goes they work much better on big cats than the typical rabbit squeals. I am sure squeals work well, but I am just restating what I have read.

If you get any other info, other than on this site, please, post it. I am new to the game myself, so I am always looking to learn something new myself. Hope this is the kind of thing you were in search of.

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Any Great Books on Mountain Lion Hunting w/o dogs?

I have hunted for 15 years and only seen one by chance. 3 years ago I accidently called one in during turkey season on a slate call. I have tried calling them in with predator calls to no avail.

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