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Any Georgia Deer hunters?

Hey everyone! I hope you can help me out with this.

I'm going to visit some of the suburbs 45 minutes to an hour or so north of Atlanta next month. My wife and I are thinking of relocating there (going out there to look at houses ). The average 1100sq ft home with a little land in the towns we're looking at are about $190,000. In San Diego, the same home (with NO land) is about $450,000 !!!

I, of course, would like to know how the hunting is in Georgia, particularly the areas North of Atlanta.

Is there a lot of public land to hunt on? Do you have to belong to clubs to have access to decent deer?

Deer are my main concern, but what about pigs? And is the bird hunting good? Duck, Quail, Dove, pheasant, etc?

What do you think about the Hunting Seasons? (exe: California gives you 3 1/2 weeks to tag 2 deer with a rifle, and about 5 weeks for a bow - Also, most of the Big Game Deer seasons are the same dates as the Turkey, Dove, and Quail seasons - so it's impossible to do a good job hunting all of them)

How does the Department of fish and game rate. Do they actually do a good job? (Cali's about as strict as it can get - look at our Gun Laws for crying out loud!)

Please TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU CAN about hunting in Georgia (and even fishing - i like that too)... Thanks a Million!

Sincerely, Jesse

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Any Georgia Deer hunters?

just found your post-go here
Georgia Hunters
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Any Georgia Deer hunters?

I just saw your post. i live in augusta which is about 140 miles east of atlanta.
the white tail hunting is exalent there is dove quail and duck.
for public land it is tough hunting but there are a lot of hunting clibs that leas land and that will coast around 400 to 600 a season. pig are in georgia but i am not sure ware because i only lived in georgia a short time my self.