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Location: north/central california
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any Ca archers here?

Just wondering how many CA archers are here and if you live in north central CA

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any Ca archers here?

I'm trying to get into it. I'm researching bows currently I'm in the Bay Area

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any Ca archers here?

I'm also interested in getting started in CA. The military has me in Long Beach and am interested in any SoCal contacts you may have...

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any Ca archers here?

im in tracy cal.. and been bow hunting for over 10 yrs .. still looking to kill a large pig .. but have lots of other heads on the walls .. and yes most from cal.. lol Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

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SoCal bowhunting..

New to bowhunting too. Picking up my new Mathews Switchback this week. Can't wait! Live in Norther Los Angeles County...