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any alabama hunters out there?

my father retired from Ca and moved to southern alabama about 4 years ago. he used to shoot a lot out here, and now i'm getting into pig hunting here in Ca myself. was wondering if anybody did any pig hunting down there in the southern parts of alabama? i'd imagine therer are some pretty good hogs down there... would probably compliment the 20 pounds of shrimp i eat every time i visit very nicely!

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any alabama hunters out there?

Hello Jeff,
I myself live and hunt in Southern Alabama. Live in Mobile and hunt 1600 acres in a little town right outside Jackson, AL.
It's close to the Mobile River up where I'm at so the wild hog population is very nice. Although the other club members hate having them, I love it. It's nice to be able to take a nice hog from time to time when the deer hunting is slow. And in December it is very slow for us.
If you are not looking to join a club and strictly just want to hunt pigs I would suggest the Delta Wildlife Management Area in Stockton. It's accessible by land and water, mostly by water, so you will need access to a boat, but anyway, they have a HUGE pig problem that needs to be handled.
I haven't been in over a year but my boss goes every couple of weeks and kills a couple of pigs each trip just cruising up and down the river.
Well good luck and let me know how you do.

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