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Anti-hunting group buys guiding / outfitting rights!


This worries me!

Trophy animals get protection
B.C. anti-hunting group buys rights of guide-outfitting
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
VANCOUVER - An anti-hunting group has paid $1.35-million to buy the guide-outfitting
rights to a prime piece of B.C.'s wilderness with a view to ending permanently the
commercial killing of all animals in the area.
The Raincoast Conservation Foundation has acquired the guide-outfitting rights to five
contiguous hunting regions along the central coast, stretching from the northern tip of
Vancouver Island in the south to Princess Royal Island in the north, representing a
land mass of more than 20,000 square kilometres.
The regions are home to hundreds of native species, including such popular
commercial game as grizzlies, black bears, the so-called spirit bear (a genetic anomaly
of the black bear that manifests itself in a white coat), wolves, cougars, mountain
goats, moose and deer.
But Raincoast, in conjunction with the six First Nations who occupy the territory -- the
Heiltsuk, Kitasoo, Xai' xais, Wuikinuxv, Gwa'Sala-Nakwaxda'xw and Nuxalk -- intend
to put an immediate end to all commercial hunting in the area. That means from now
on no one from outside British Columbia will be permitted to kill any animals in the
region for sport. B.C. residents, who operate under different regulations, may continue
to hunt and kill wildlife in the area, but members of the First Nations hope to see an
end to that early next year.
The deal will be announced at a press conference in Vancouver later today.
According to provincial regulations, licensed guide-outfitters must continue to facilitate
some hunting in areas for which they are responsible. Raincoast conservation director
Ian McAllister, who helped broker the deal, said Raincoast will live up to those
obligations by allowing hunting of some ungulates for food. But henceforth commercial
trophy hunting will be a thing of the past.
"There is no other example in North America where conservation interests have
bought out such a large commercial hunting area before," Mr. McAllister said.
Raincoast bought the licence from former guide-outfitter Leonard Ellis. It raised the
money over a six-month period mainly from private donations.
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Re: Anti-hunting group buys guiding / outfitting rights!
Cowboy Al wrote:
An anti-hunting group has paid $1.35-million to buy the guide-outfitting rights to a prime piece of B.C.'s wilderness with a view to ending permanently the commercial killing of all animals in the area.

Well, they're entitled to spend their money however they want, so I don't think there's anything wrong with them buying the rights. My question is, what are they going to do when the animal populations in the area get completely out of whack as a result? They should be held responsible when that happens.

That means that they should then be forced to spend whatever it takes (which will probably be every penny they have) to implement some sort of a contraception program (this has been tried elsewhere and it is always EXTREMELY expensive to do it effectively) or they should be forced to hire people to go into the area and cull the herd. Personally, I'd hope for the latter. Wouldn't it be delicious to see an anti-hunting group forced to pay for professional hunters to thin their herd?

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Anti-hunting group buys guiding / outfitting rights!

What worries me is the precedent this sets. There's a lot of money behind many of the envirowhackos in the US -- if they get inspired by this an start buying up hunting lands it could be a problem.

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Anti-hunting group buys guiding / outfitting rights!

Since there are already predators within the land they bought, mountain lion, wolf, bear, etc, the deer and moose populations should be kept in check naturally. The populations don't invariably explode if there's no hunting, but instead tend to explode as the ecosystem becomes more and more disrupted by people. The main reason behind the boom in mountain lion incidents up there is that in too many areas, deer populations are dropping as the suburbs advance, and the big cats are starting to look for food elsewhere, and that includes people and pets.

A good example of this is in Brazil, where a popular surfing beach has been a haven for both swimmers and surfers for as long as anyone can remember, no problems with the local wildlife. A coastal dredging project destroyed a large area of mangrove swamp, which happened to be a pupping ground for bull sharks. Shortly following that project, shark-related incidents exploded, with many people having been seriously injured or killed. Now surfing has been made illegal in that area. At first, it seemed as though the sharks were exploding in numbers, but closer examination showed they had simply shifted their movements from the mangrove swamps to the outer bars along the beach.

Animal rights people always seem to have the wrong priority. Instead of wasting so much money and energy trying to eliminate hunting, they need to find a worthwhile problem to combat, such as ongoing suburban sprawl pushing into wilderness areas.

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Anti-hunting group buys guiding / outfitting rights!

Is this crown land they are on, orprivate land, if its crown land then treaty status indians can hunt on that land and they cant do nothing about it.

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