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Anterless suggestions for Northern Utah...

Hi all,

I'd like to put in for an anterless elk tag this year. I've never hunted elk (or anything else with 4 legs) and was hoping someone would be willing to give a suggestion as to a good area on the Wasatch Front or further north that I could start scouting in the Spring during the off season. Some area that I have a reasonable chance of drawing out in, and a reasonable chance of seeing some cows.

The only wild elk I've ever encountered close up was a bull that came into my dog whistle when I was grouse hunting up by Strawberry. This year my main goal is to just learn about elk, where to find them, and how to hunt them. I figure there's a lot less competition from other hunters and from what I've read higher numbers of cows than bulls, so I thought that would be a good place to start.

I would also like to make an offer if anyone is interested. If an experienced and patient elk hunter in the Wasatch Front area would be willing to have me tag along with them and learn I'd be happy to provide the muscle and help out with whatever tasks need doing, packing in, packing out, whatever. I'm a grouse hunter so I understand and adhere to the rules about honey holes and the rules that apply to being shown one as a guest. I'm just looking for general knowledge that I can apply to my scouting this Spring.

It seems a waste to live here and not enjoy the big game hunting opportunities that are available. So any help, suggestions, or information would be greatly appreciated.


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Anterless suggestions for Northern Utah...


I live in the Salt Lake City area. Send me an e-mail if you'd like and we'll start some dialogue.

[email protected]

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Anterless suggestions for Northern Utah...


Can't help much, but I'll just throw in that you have the right idea about doing a cow tag. If you have never hunted before, a cow tag can give you a better chance of taking something and make it a more enjoyable experience.

Good Luck!

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