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antelope hunting unit 126 Colorado

My Daughter and I drew 2 antelope tags for rifle season this fall we are looking for a place to go thats not public land??

any thoughts


thank you

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welcome to BGH.  A lot of

welcome to BGH.  A lot of that country is in the Big Game Walk In Access Program.  So it's not public land, but it is publicly accessible

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Re antelope hunting

Congrats on drawing a tag with your daughter! Hope you guys have a great hunt. Sorry don't have any info on that unit but good luck

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congrats on the tags, still

congrats on the tags, still waiting on drawing one.

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AntelopeGuru,PM and I will


PM me and I will give a bit of advice, I have the same rifle tag, and will let you know where I plan on trying first, and what I know about the other ranches in GMU 126 that are on the Big Game Walk-in Program. I hunted it last year and every single ranch I went to held pronghorn. Not a lot of animals on some, but there were pronghorn on all properties.

So as Exbiologist stated, they are private ranches, but can still get some pressure. ...but is still the reason that I drew the same tag as you. ...are your tags for bucks or does?

These ranchers were great guys! I met a couple while down there and if you are interested it is kind of nice to support them for providing the opportunity to hunt their land. I ran into Mr Negley a couple of days before the season while driving around his place road scouting, and he was so helpful! He just said follow me, and we drove around to the other side of his property and he put me a on small herd with a nice buck, and also pointed me in the area that another herd had been hanging around on, and though they were not there that day, they were durignt he season! He was with the son of the Abrahms, so then they showed me a herd that was hangin out on the Abrahm's ranch! Too cool!Wink

Other than that, I am no help on other private props in the area, sorry. ...but would be willing to help you and your daughter out the best I can with the walk-in access ranches.


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we are buck hunting!!!!

we are buck hunting!!!!

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thanks for the

thanks for the recommendations in 126 we drew 122 tags last year and the big game access properties seemed good when i scouted them before  season but when season opened some idiots had walked the properties non stop for the week prior and spooked every thing!!! Im hoping this year in 126 it will be better but I would like a private place for at least my daughter..Ive killed many goats and really want her to score..


thanks again all!!!

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