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Another nice bear and more cam pics....

Here are 3 more bears hitting my bait. From small to large. It was baited with straight meat scraps this time and they seemed to just come in mostly in the afternoon. The big bear came in at 5:50 am and there was only 1 set of pics in the night. Never thought they would be feeding around 2 pm. But was going to take my son back up this weekend but he is having some friends come over to stay the weekend for his B-day. We are having a BBQ for him and his sister also tomorrow as they where born on the same day 8 yrs apart. But here are the bears that I got from last week on my trail cam.

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black bear cam photos

ssider34, great shots. Where were they taken? I just got back from a seven day hunt in N. Idaho. Wish I could say I was successful but I didn't get a shot. Sat tree stands and ground blinds but only had three bears come to the baits. One sow and cub so that was a no shooter. The other was a beautiful cinnamon bear but came no closer then 52 yards with a tree between him and I. He left and never came in that night. I left when I couldn't see my pins any longer. Two bears were taken by two other hunters (rifle) while we were in camp. One was a 6' 1" bear (black) the other was a cinnamon. All the bears I saw were color phase. The cub with the chocolate mother was as blond as blond could be. Hunts don't have to be successful in order to be great. We sat in downpours for the first four days and saw very little bear activity. The sun finally came out on the fith day and the bears started to appear again. I was invited back to hunt before the season ends so I just may take up the offer.

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