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Ammo for 7mm Weatherby Mag

I dont reload..yet. What factory ammo would be the best for the 7mmWM?
Is there one bullet/load that would work for both deer and elk? Would I be safe with the 150NP? or 160BST? Dang, the ammo is expensive. I heard Federal WM's are not loaded like weatherby's...is that true? I was on Cabella's site and noticed federal only had one load...160gr can't recall bullet type. The cheapest were weatherby with hornady spire point.

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Ammo for 7mm Weatherby Mag

Your best bet is to reload. Use bullets not lighter than 140 grains and powders such as RL-22, H-1000 and IMR-7828.

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Ammo for 7mm Weatherby Mag

Congrats on a fine rifle and calibre. I went with the 300 RUM and both our calibres are meant to reload. You should try to shoot as much as possible to get comfortable with the rifle and if the ammo is too expensive you will not shoot as much. I bought 4 boxes of factory for my RUM so I could get the brass (after I sighted in my scope and played at the range). I was able to reloaded each of those brass atleast 4 times and sometimes 6 before I saw signs of wear issues and I reload tight to the limits. You should be able to find brass for your rifle as I can now (brass was scarce when the calibre first came out). The brass is also surprisingly expensive for the weatherby calibres but a drop in the bucket compared to the factory loads.

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