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Alliant Black MZ Review

I keep seeing questions about this powder popping up on the forums and so it was time to get some to try out and make the info available.

First off, Yes, its made by American Pioneer and most likely off the Shockey's Gold as it is a dark grey/black color and has that unique brown sugar smell American Pioneer shooters know well. Uniform of the powder granules is not AS chunky as with the original American Pioneer. The consistency I noticed is a LOT more uniform in size. Please keep in mind that when i took the picture of the powder granules, My camera was aprox. 2 inches away from the powder so I could offer a clear close up picture.

Black MZ and my first time out, I think I did excellent as far as accuracy goes for 75 yards.

#1 key to accuracy with American Pioneer / Black MZ Powders, COMPRESS IT! You can easily compress this powder 1/2" and it reacted perfectly with my sabot/bullet combo.

Recently I made some videos using T7 and explaining crud ring, ect. ect. And today Black MZ grouped exactly where I had been hitting with T7 pellets, velocity is unknown so far but I will get to that as soon as I can.

Swabbed between each shot with a mixture of soapy water & Moose milk. This cleaning solution is superb! I had each patch squealing as I was swabbing the bore. Shot #1 on a freshly cleaned bore is the shot in the low left side of the group. The next 4 shots, well.... They were okay for a first time out with new powder.

100gr Black MZ
300gr Harvester Scorpion PT Gold & Harvester EZ Load sabots
Winchester W209 primers

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