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Alert Utah Hunters Help Catch Elk Poacher

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Alert Utah Hunters Help Catch Elk Poacher

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Alert Utah Hunters Help Catch Elk Poacher

I'm glad they could catch the guy. I'm surprised, though. I've heard of units where you're not allowed to shoot a spike bull, but I've never heard of a requirement to ONLY shoot a spike, but not a mature bull. I wonder what the management philosophy is behind that kind of a restriction--we don't want the young bulls to grow up but we want the old ones to get older?

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Alert Utah Hunters Help Catch Elk Poacher

Donmillion there are two hunts in these "spike only" areas. First you have a very limited number of people who draw out and can get any bull. Usually only 20-50 tags are issued for the entire area. Very hard to draw.

Then after that hunt its open to over the counter tags but to keep the trophy quality animals there you can only shoot a spike. It seemed weird to me at first but some of the best trophy bulls come out of these "spike only" areas. Its actually been a very good management plan. The only problem is people get tempted to shoot a big boy when they have a spike only tag.

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