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Alberta and B.C. Hunts

We have Whitetail/Mule Deer single species or combo hunts on the Alberta prairies, or straight Mule Deer backpack Hunts in the Rockies as well as Black Bear/Grizzly combos in Northern British Columbia.

(3) Deer hunts are available as single species for $3300.00 or combo for $5200.00. Whitetails can run from 140 and up with mule deer from 160 and up. These are 6 full days of hunting.
(2) Mountain mule deer hunts are available for $3000.00. Mule deer can be found that score 160 plus. These are 7 full days of hunting.
(2-4) Bear hunts are available as single species or combos. We prefer to have hunters plan for black bear hunts with grizzly as an option. Black bear hunts are $3500.00, if a grizzly is harvested on the hunt a $7000.00 trophy fee is required. You can harvest a second black bear for $800.00. If you want a straight grizzly hunt the base price is $5500.00 with a $6500.00 trophy fee. Black bear are plentiful and 6 foot bears with 18” and up skulls are common. Grizzlies are not as plentiful and not as big as other areas. These are 7 full days of hunting.
All of our hunts are fair chase with guide service, meals, and lodging ranging from a private home with home cooked meals to tent camps with reheated home cooked meals and/or freeze dried meals. These are full guided hunts with trophy care and transportation to and from the hunting areas. We also provide transportation to and from the nearest airport. Licenses and tag fees are not included. A deposit of 50% is required to book a hunt with the balance due upon arrival.

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