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Alabama pig hunting question

Hello all, forgive me if this is a tad long-winded.

I'm from Ca, but visit Alabama 2-3 times a year to see family near Foley (southern Alabama). I have 3 weeks vacation next February, as does a buddy of mine from work. We're thinking about turning it into a cross-country roadtrip down to Alabama.

We're also thinking about looking for guided pig hunts in the southern Alabama area while we're there. I haven't even begun to look into it yet, but thought this may be a good place to start. So here's a few of my questions to get things going:

1 - In Alabama, is pig hunting legal year-round as it is in Ca?

2 - Resident pig tags in Ca are about $22, but go up quite a bit for non-residents. Any idea how much a non-resident Alabama pig tag costs?

3 - Late winter through spring is prime time for hog hunting in Ca. Am I correct assuming Alabama is the same way? I've learned the weather there is quite different!

4 - Are guided hunts with dogs very common in Alabama? That sounds like it would be a great time!

I'll limit it to just a few questions for now, and get going on some research on my own. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Alabama pig hunting question

I don't think they sell tags. Just non-resident license. Get ready to go in some of the nastiest swamp you'll ever see and take bug spray. Mosquitoes will eat you alive. Ticks pretty bad too. Friend got spotted fever hunting hogs in the summer.

They do have some monster hogs if you can get into a nasty swamp adjacent to a crops. Seen them so big they almost fill up the whole bed of a full-size pick-up.

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Here you go

I spent the beganing of my hunting here when I was around 11(i was an army brat) and the hunting there is still great. The hogs have taken over alot of Rucker and it is very easy to get in and hunt. If you are going to be useing a gun they have areas in the impact area that they take and put you in a big tall shooting house. The success is pretty good. Hope this helps. Also ,all you need is a small game license to hunt hogs in Alabama
Good luck.


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My question may strike some

My question may strike some of you as stupid or naive, but we don't have pigs where I'm from.  I'm moving to Tuscaloosa this year I'm wondering, are pigs good eating?  I love hunting regardless, but prefer to hunt delicious beasts.  I'll be moving to Tuscaloosa and know nothing about the area and the hunting opportunities.

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Do you like bacon??? haha

Do you like bacon??? haha pigs are great to eat. Bore hogs have a little gamey taste but you can eliminate most of that by bleeding the pig by stabbing him in the neck after the kill and cutting his nuts out ASAP. We've butchered several hogs already this year and make sausage out of most of it. This last round we made is some of the best sasuge I've ever ate.



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Yea, ther're great table

Yea, ther're great table fare. Take Alpine's advice and you'll enjoy it. We usually take the backstraps out to grill and make sausage out the rest.

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Good Eating

We make some ham steaks, sasuage, and the back strap. Very good eating.

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I've heard that bacon is the

I've heard that bacon is the one thing on a wild hog that is not very good, or there just isn't much of it.  Everything else is delicious.....

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