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Airline tickets for hunts or land access

Running this again for 2011 as 2010 was another great year.... Need Airline tickets? I am willing to swap airline tickets to any destination in exchange for hunts (Mule deer, Elk or Bear) for equal value or access to private land. sorry folks, not really interested in exoctics or small game.

 After an agreement is made, I will provide tickets upfront as a show of good faith before taking the hunt.

I have swapped tickets on other guided hunts and traded tickets for access to private hunting lands and have yet to have any issues. After an agreed swap is made, all I will need is a bit of notice on the departure dates, departure location, destination and return dates to make bookings. From that point I obtain an electronic ticket / confirmation in the travelers name and forward the same to the person I make the trade with. If seriously interested, drop me an email and we can further discuss.

Please, serious and honest inquiries only. I AM NOT A TRAVEL AGENT. But from several great swaps can deliver... Drop me a line at [email protected]

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Airline Tickets for Mule Deer Hunt

     I am interested in a trade. PM sent.

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Interesting concept but since

Interesting concept but since I have nothing really to offer it won't apply for me. I have heard of swap hunts before but not quite like this. Hope it's of use to someone though.

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