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African Safari

This Kudu and Warthog put my buddy Craig in the record books on his recent African Safari.


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African Safari

VERY NICE! great pics.

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African Safari

Looks like you had a great time. I recently returned from hunting Namibia with bow and we didn't see any wharthog near as big as yours. We did kill great kudu, eland, gemsbok, r heartebeest, zera, wildebeest.. Who did you hunt with? and where... I am going to the limpopo 2006 for more bowhunting for waterbuck and impala njala..

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African Safari


Thumbs up

Those will look great on a trrophy wall

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African Safari

AWESOME!!! showed pic to wife and she said he shot pumba.-LOL- congrats to him, those are just awesome. thnks for posting.

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Zander Osmers Safaris

Hallo Everyone we are new to the forum and would like to introduce our comany to you.

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