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Is there anyone out there who wants to talk about hunting African game?

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I will entertain any and all discussion of hunting the dark continent. I have plans to go soon. My best buddy went last year, but alas, I was in the big sandbox where we are the game.

Capt. Scott
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African Hunting

Feel free to email me. I'll help as best as I can.

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I'd love to hunt thier wonder what its like must be sweet never been outta canada

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I love hunting in South Africa
Having lived there for most of my life, i was blessed to be able to do it yearly

My favorite place to hunt is a little town called ALLDAYS
It is in the northern part of the country. Man it is just beautiful there.

I had to imigrate with my folks when i was 15, so i REALLY miss the hunting

I was there in 2003, got me a nice Blue Wildebeast, but got my camera stolen with the photos...so all i have is the photos of the mount.

Anyway, typing this makes my heart yearn more and more to go back again.


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