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So, I don't normally ask a lot of people for help with things. I'm the kind of guy who goes is fine with hunting by himself for a week at a time I really enjoy being in the outdoors. I've grown up in Utah spend most of my time hunting down in the Manti La Sal area. I have had a heck of a time trying to get an elk this year! I have been within 30 yards to three very nice bulls this year but was too unsure of my shot each time and didn't shoot. Now the time for the extended area has come. I have never gone hunting anywhere north of Provo canyon before and I'm a little unsure of where to go. I have been staring at topo maps of the area for hours and have a few ideas. Just hoping someone here will have some advice. I'm now to the point that all I want is to shoot a cow for some meat for the winter. It would really help my family out so if you have seen anything I would be so grateful.This is a link to the area I'm thinking possibly Little Water Peak or Mount Raymond. Any advice? 

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