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Advice to hunt GMU 460 and 454 - late Bowhuntiing Season

I am new to the area and would like some advice on hunting GMU 460 (bucks only Right) and 454 any good places or do you just hike far out to avoid the crowds. Additionally where can I process my meat if I am to be so lucky to bag anything as my place is not rigged to process any animal.

Any advice would be appreciated


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Where in King county

Hey, did you ever get any responses from anyone on your posting? I'm curious about those two units as well. Both of them are mostly firearms restricted units, which really limits me as a rifle hunter. But....when I was at the sportsman show and looking at the Horns and Heads competition entries, I noticed that the 1st and 2nd place Rifle elk were taken in King County. I'd like to find out where about those big boys were taken in King county. Again, most of the 454 unit is Firearms restricted by the F&G department and good majority of the rest of the unit is posted "No Hunting/Shooting" by King County. So where do these guys go to get the big boys in King county????

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