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Acorn Report here in SC

Man, it is feast or famine here.

Our white oaks - which are our biggest draw in my area - are barren this year, at least the ones I know of. I do not see a single tree with acorns on them.

We have some live oaks that are dropping well... and the deer love these as well - but they are more of a fringe oak and are not USUALLY found down in the deeper woods.

Our other oaks are dropping well - but I am still left to wonder about the whites.

I am going to assume that the drought last year did them in - but an not real sure about that.

We are in the midst of yet another drought this year - so now I am also wondering about the 2011 crop!!

What are you folks seeing in your area of the south and if you have white dropping, how was your rainfall last year?


Best regards and happy hunting,

JimBob in SC

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