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84 year old Pinello finishes his Super Ten of North American Big Game

Last week we had the pleasure of guiding Mr. Tom Pinello Jr. Tom is 84 years old and needed a bison to complete his Super Ten of North American Big Game. On a bitter cold morning, January 27, 2012, Tom Pinello Jr, his son Dave Pinello and Stan (Doc) Southward joined myself and the rest of the High Plains Adventures crew in Hartsel Colorado.


We spent a few hours glassing, looking in draws and ravines where these massive bulls like to hang out. I wanted to find the best bull I could for Tom to finish his super ten with. I got a call from one of my guides that a monster bison bull was spotted in a wooded ravine a few miles west from where we were. Tom and I made our way over to the area, and once I had the bull spotted we made our way around the hillside to get above him. I got him set up in a clearing where I thought the bull was headed towards. As the bull made his way through the timbered hill side, Dave and Doc Southward had joined up with us. Tom is a little hard of hearing, so Dave was "silently" yelling as he told his dad to wait until the bull was broad side in the clearing before shooting. Dave also told Tom not to shoot through the trees and "Don't shoot him in the head Dad." A few minutes went by as we were waiting for the bull to enter the clearing, Dave was telling Tom again to wait until the bull was clear from the trees, then BOOM! The bull fell to the ground, he didn't even twitch. Dave asked Tom, "Where the hell did you hit him?" Tom replied, "In the head like you told me to..." Later Tom had told Doc Southward, "I may not get around worth a damn, but I can still shoot alright."


At 84 years old and still having the passion to finish a life long goal, Tom Pinello Jr is in a class of his own. I want to thank Tom for letting me be apart of helping him finish his life long dream.


84 year old Tom Pinello Jr and his Super Ten Bison Bull

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Man, I hope I can still get

Man, I hope I can still get out there and hunt at 84 years old!  Very cool!

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Wow!!! What a way to live.

Wow!!! Dancing What a way to live. Thumbs up

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Congrats to Mr. Pinello Jr;

Congrats to Mr. Pinello Jr; what an amazing goal to achieve at 84. A very impressive trophy for sure. I know this wasn’t an easy task the terrain can be treacherous for even the most agile hunter. I have had the pleasure of hunting a bison bull with High Plains Adventures and it was one of the most fun and exciting hunts I’ve been on. These bulls are giant and very intimidating in their own element. Brandon and his crew were very knowledgeable about the bulls and many different species, which I found out during our 5 mile stalk. I too want to achieve many goals before I’m too old to do so, and I booked a pronghorn hunt with High Plains last year and killed a 80” buck. These guys have lots of ground, they know their animals and can say I’m impressed with the passion they have for hunting. They are true to spot and stalk and ethical taking of big game animals.

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