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7mm WSM

I am looking at getting a new Browning X-bolt in either 7mm WSM or 7mm Rem Mag, is there any advantages to getting a wsm, i know that there is not as many commercial rounds that you can buy for the wsm, which is what i would need since i don't reload, but i have found 4 that i am sure would work fine, so i am just wanting to know if there is any advantage to getting a wsm or should i just stick with the Rem mag, plus the two guns have different barrel lengths, wsm is 23 and rem mag is 26 would that make any difference in how they would perform? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Which one

I've owned both 7mags in SM and reg mag form and my opinion is that the short mag suits ME better. The shorter action length and barrel length make for a much better format for me, simply said. If you're not concerned about the additional length and weight the 7RM brings, then go for it. There is no difference in performance, only in their platforms...   Thumbs up

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I shoot a 7mm WSM too, it is

I shoot a 7mm WSM too, it is awesome on mulies, but the only issue is availability/expense of factory ammo.  The limited recoil and short action is awesome, and if you can reload, you can make it worth your while.  I just put a new Leopold on mine!



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For me I would have to look

For me I would have to look at which one is going to stay around the longest.  There have been a lot of cartridges designed that made a big hit and then after a few years petered out of the lime light to where you could not find a round to fire.  I personally believe that is what will happen to the 7mm WSM.  The 7mm Remington magnum has been around for a long time and isn't going anywhere in the future.  There are way too many rifles out there for it.  That and when you start to look for ammo you will always find the 7mm Remington sitting on a shelf.  It is allot like the good old .30-06.  It has been around for over a century now and will still be here way into the future when a lot of the newer rounds have died off and been buried. 

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I use a 7mm Remington magnum

I use a 7mm Remington magnum and would see no reason to switch ao buy the WSM in the first place due to availability and it just does not seem to be as popular as the other short mags.

That said I just picked up a .270WSM for a good price and am excited to try it out. The .270 does offer a little bit more performance over the the old .270 winchester though.

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The short mag may fit in a

The short mag may fit in a short action. If that is important to you then advantage short mag. Beyond that I doubt either can realistically do anything the other can't. I have no idea the cost of one ammo over the other nor do I know about avaliability. Bottom like is they both push the same bullet's at about the same velocity.

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Everybody about covered it,

Everybody about covered it, but I'll just reiterate:

I've owned both the short and long 7mm.  7mm WSM is a better choice if you reload; shorter, lighter gun, quicker to work.  7mm Rem Mag is better if you don't reload; much more available and cheaper ammo.

If you don't reload, start. 

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which one

Here is my 2cents worth...Go with the 300wsm. The performance is superior on all fronts with managable recoil. More is better..........

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