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7mm Rem Mag!!

If you read the beggining of this thread you would have seen where i said there were other calibers capable of the same versatility and in the last one you quoted I said"like the 7 mm Rm",Im SO sorry my fondness for a certian caliber rifle offends those of you with infinite knowledge of every caliber on earth and the appropriate data for each LOLOLOLOL "False security"?what does that mean,please explain.My dreams tonight will be filled with bugling bulls and the majesty of the Missouri Breaks,some of us get our data in the field and base our opinions on what we have done,not read.Im leaving at 7am tomorow to do some more "research" for 4 days see you bookworms when i get back. Thumbs up neener! Thumbs up

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7mm Rem Mag!!

I'd rather test my rifle and bullets before the hunt so I know what to expect rather than risk finding out the hard way in the field with no chance to make any corrections. Thumbs up neener! Thumbs up

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7mm Rem Mag!!
nevadahntr wrote:
I would like to know what load he used on the buff if you get a chance to ask.

I was back at the store today and i confirmed what ammo he used on his safari, It was Federal Premiums with 160gr accubonds. They shoot good in his rifle so he doesn't bother loading any up. I prefer loading my cartridges, but to each his own...Besides, when you own a gun shop i bet factory ammo is pretty cheap shoot.

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7mm Rem Mag!!

Haven't heard of anyone complain about accuracy issues with the AccurateBond eye roll which is basically a bonded Ballistic Tip.

Nosler AccuBond

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