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600y & 1000y prone matches at Pascagoula,MS

If anyone would like to try it out but does not have the rifle/gear for it, let me know. We will get you some stuff to shoot with.

2009 Prone Rifle
Match Bulletin

Match Dates for 2009:
1. February 7th
2. March 7th
3. April 4th
4. May 2nd
5. June 6th
6. Sept 5th
7. October 3rd
8. November 7th

Early Registration by email is encouraged ([email protected]).

For current information or updates on match activity, please visit the Pascagoula Shooting Club forums at http://www.pascagouladcm.com/forums/

Match Director: Carl Jones (251) 370-5144

Times: Registration is from 0730-0830. Registration WILL close at 0830 on the firing line. Firing will begin at 0900. Early Registration will be forfeited if absent for 0830 roll call.

Rules: This is a NRA Sanctioned League Match. NRA High Power Rifle Rules apply (revised January 2009).

Location: Pascagoula Shooting Club Range, 5800 Bayou Heron Road, Moss Point, MS 39562

Directions: From Interstate 10 (West), take the first exit after crossing the AL/MS border (Franklin Creek Road). Take a left on Franklin Creek Road, go south under I-10 bridge to the intersection of Franklin Creek Road and US Highway 90 (Approx ¾ miles). Cross Highway 90 and stay on Franklin Creek Road. It turns into a two lane blacktop road that hooks to the right then again to the left. The road looks like it runs into the swamp. Travel approximately one mile until you see a “T” intersection. At the “T” intersection, take a left turn to cross the railroad tracks. It’s an unguarded intersection and trains run very fast through there…so be careful. As soon as you cross the railroad tracks, bear to the right and get on Bayou Heron Road (two lane blacktop). Stay on Bayou Heron road for approximately one mile as it winds thorough the swamp. Look for the range gate on the left. The most notable landmark is a large blue colored boxcar about 60 feet from the road.

Entries: Entries will be accepted until 0830 to fill remaining vacancies - Entries are limited to 12 x 600 yard competitors (conventional or F-class) AND 12 x 1000 yard competitors (conventional or F-class).

Entry Fees: $15 members / $20 non-members. Season membership in the Pascagoula Shooting Club NRA League is $7.

Equipment: Service Rifle- rule 3.1, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3; NRA Match Rifle- rule 3.2, 3.3, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.3, 3.3.4; and F-Class Rifle (F-O & F-TR)- rule 3.4. Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) ARE required.

Ammunition: Any safe ammunition for the intended distance is authorized (no larger than .35 caliber; NRA rule 3.2). Weapons/ammunition deemed unsuitable for Long Range shooting will be limited to the Midrange competition at the discretion of the Match Director.

Scores: All competitors will be required to score. All competitors must join the NRA Sanctioned League (hosted by the PSC) to have their scores recorded for classification purposes.

Course of Fire:
Each shooter will fire 3 x 20 round strings for record at EITHER 600 yards (NRA course of fire (ac) w/ MR-1, MR-1F target) OR 1000 yards (NRA course of fire (ai) w/ LR, LR-F target). This will be a limited sighting shot match (Rule 9.2). A maximum of seven sighting shots can be used during the first string. Subsequent strings will allow a maximum of 2 sighting shots (Rule 17.5). A shooter will be disqualified if unable to get on paper in first seven shots.

Squadding will be a conventional three relay rotation. All shooters will be required to score and perform pit duties. The range layout will allow for simultaneous 600 yd and 1000 yard firing. Pit Changes will be synchronized to facilitate this concurrent operation.

Awards: 50% of the net match fees will be returned to the Match Winners. Aggregate winners for both Conventional and F-Class competitors will be recognized. Additional aggregate awards by classification will be recognized if there are a minimum of four shooters in the same classification/category.

Weather: Matches may be cancelled or delayed for inclement weather at the Match Director’s discretion.

Preparation: Competitors are encouraged to be logistically prepared to endure various environmental challenges including high heat, thunderstorms, and mosquito/gnat assaults.

Changes to Program: The Match Director reserves the right to make changes to this program as necessary.

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600y & 1000y prone matches at Pascagoula,MS

Sounds like fun and a generous offer to help.

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600y & 1000y prone matches at Pascagoula,MS

It is a lot of fun. Good way to learn a lot about your rifle, loads, winds etc. as well.

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600y & 1000y prone matches at Pascagoula,MS

I think JC made this same offer last year. Wish I lived closer, I'd go.

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600y & 1000y prone matches at Pascagoula,MS


You are correct. Myself and a few others at the club make this offer for every LR and Highpower match. We get some takers every now and then.

If you ever hit a bullseye at 1000 yards (10 inches on the F-Class target) you'll be hooked for life. Big smile