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500 rifles

I saw this on another site and though, what the heck. If you were limited to 500 rifle's what would they be.

I'm starting my list and will get back to you.

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500 rifles

Hi Guy`s,

Whatch out for the guy with just one rifle.He most likely Knows how to use it and use it well.


500 rifles

Don, I don't need 500 rifles because I have what I have always wanted in the way of target or hunting rifles, all except one mind you and I don't suppose that will be occupying my vaults anytime soon. That rifle by the way is a double gun in a walnut case made by HOLLAND & HOLLAND in a .470 caliber! The last one I priced brought $90,000 US dollars. Cheer's

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500 rifles

Well Now, limit it to 500 you say. I don't like the sound of that one bit. No sir, I can in no way be bound by such constraints. Make it 5000 so it could be more manageable. No on second thought I will not allow any constraints on my constitutional rights. I may never reach the 500 gun plateau but I will not stand by and let someone tell me there is a limit on my rights. That would be paramount to telling a journalist that he has the right of freedom of the press up to 500 printed copies. Or telling the Minister that he has freedom of Religion Limited to 500 sermons. Or telling the Activist that he has the right to peaceably assemble but only 500 times. No sir, this is how Dictatorships are started. This is how slaves are made! RESTRICT MY RIGHTS, NOT UNTIL I'M SIX FEET UNDER.

The only person who can restrict my gun buying is my ole lady. And I don't like it one dam bit. lol

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500 rifles


It was a tough decision but, I've got the list down to 500 that I could get by with.
I'll have to get back with the list. Don't have the time right now.

Do they still dig those holes 6 feet deep?