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.50 or .54 cal

Just asking....whcih do you prefer as the all American Game blackpowder caliber 50 or 54..PC

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.50 or .54 cal

I shoot 50 cal. Mostly because everybody I know also shoots 50 cal. I just kind of joined the crowd :smile: But it does shoot well.

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.50 or .54 cal

I think .50 caliber is probably a good compromise, but really, I don't think there is such a thing as one "all around" caliber.

If you're hunting whitetails in Florida, then .50 caliber is bigger than you really need. It's not "overkill," but a .45 would be plenty.

On the other hand, if you're hunting elk in the Rocky Mountains, .50 is going to be the minimum that you really want. Personally, I use a .54 for that kind of hunting and don't think it's any too big.

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.50 or .54 cal

I shoot a 54 cal and make my own bullets, since finding them in the box can prove difficult. I guess the new styles of copper-jacketed rounds allow some expansion, but since a muzzleloader round doesn't carry the same energy as a centerfire rifle, I prefer a larger hole to allow for greater tissue damage and bleed-out.

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.50 or .54 cal

I think in general the .50 is all around ML caliber. It is by far the most popular so your opitions in guns and bullets are greater in .50s than the other calibers.
A .50 works great on deer, and is still big enough to use on Elk.

Now if you are a speed freak go with a .45 and you'll get higher velocities, but I think a .45 is a bit small for Elk.

I have a .54 and love it for use on Muleys and Elk, some would say it is too big for whitetails. Defineately more than you need for whitetails, but perfectly acceptable. Choices in guns and projectiles are more limited than with the .50s

But the best solution is one of each :smile:

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.50 or .54 cal

Run with a "Crowd" out West and ALL use a .50cal.and know many others in other states that hunt with "smokepoles"and only one uses a .54cal.Here on the "Left Coast"got to believe most prefer .50's for ALL Big Game.With .45 cal sabots,where legal to Large .50cal. conicals from todays Inlines not much YOU can't take,when in range with a .50cal.Good Huntin in 2003---

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.50 or .54 cal

I prefer 50 caliber because you can use it on a lot of different game. Plus I don't know anyone who has had a 54 and kept it.

sincerely your bud
Lawrence Honeytoast

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.50 or .54 cal

I shoot a 50. I use barnes expander-mz in a 300 gr. and it knocks over anything that gets hit with it. I look at Jim Shockey. he has killed every game animal on the north american continent with a knight 50 cal. and 300 gr. nosler. I think that shows just how deadly that a fifty really is. from polar bear to moose to big elk he has dropped them all with a fifty cal.

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.50 or .54 cal

I shoot the .54 roundball for all my big game hunting. I have 2 .54's. I bought the first one in 1976 and not only did I keep it I also bought another one.
If shooting the roundball then you need it to be as large and heavy as possible. I do not believe there is a projectile that is "overkill" or "too big" when making a one shot kill on a living animal. I respect my prey far too much to make that assumption. There is no such thing as "Light tackle hunting". That only applies to fishing and hunting is not catch and release.

Along the way I shot competition with the .54 for years. I have enough trophys to prove the accuracy of the caliber. I also did a fair amount of small game hunting. Here though, the smaller is better attitude has merit. With a .36 you can shoot at a squirrels body. With a .54, it is either a head shot or no meat is left.

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.50 or .54 cal

I prefer the 50 cal myself, although I bought my son a 54 cal and just fell in love it, I think it's just the way the gun feels when I throw it up. I will still use my 50 during hunting season because that is what I am most comfortable with.

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.50 or .54 cal

Hey ya all,i like the 50 for shooting the sabots out of my knight and the 54 for roundballs out of my lyman gpr.
Im not new to muzzle loading but both of these guns were bought in the last half year and have not been used on any thing but paper yet.
Got em both ready and waiting for shotgun and muzzle loading seasons.

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