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50 cal loads for deer

What would be a good mule deer load in general, bullet type, weight etc, short range and long range.

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50 cal loads for deer

What rifle are you shooting? In my Lyman...my deer load is 80grs. of 2f Swiss with the 325gr. REAL bullet. Whitetails are all I've shot with it, but there's no muledeer that's gonna stand up to it either.

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50 cal loads for deer

A good load for my rifle might be a horrible load for your rifle. Not just because they may have different barrel lengths and rates of twist, but also because each muzzleloader seems to be an individual, shooting differently than other muzzleloaders, even from the same manufacturer. Much more so than for modern cartridge guns.

What kind of gun do you have? What is its barrel length and rate of twist? That will influence whether you want to use a round ball, short conical, long conical, or even sabot (though sabots are illegal during muzzleloader season in some states). Once you have an idea of what kind of projectile you should be looking at, start experimenting until you come up with a load that's not too heavy, and shoots well and consistently.

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50 cal loads for deer

I would go with a mid 200's weight bullet with 100 grains of powder or pyrodex.

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