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5 hogs

on 11-5-03 I was deer hunting I would set up on a draw and rattle then move in 30 minutes or so. It was getting close to dark and I wasn't seeing much deer I started across to another draw i saw a group of hogs 8 in all ,2 big ones and 6 little ones .as I moved in close from down wind,one of them, the big brown one caught me moving ,I pulled up the ruger .243 and shot her in the head,she dropped then the black one started at me,I shot her just below the left eye.with only 3 shells left I got on one of the small ones and shot it in the the head ,I moved to the 4th one and shot it in the ear .at this time I looked to make sure the big ones weren't getting up and shot at the last one as it was leaving hitting it through the shoulders.all were running except the first one! I was all out of shells and 2 miles from the truck!

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