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44 Mag Handgun Ammo Suggestions for the Hunt

Here's a few 44 Magnum loads for hunters to consider when hunting with revolvers or carbine rifles:

1. Double Tap 320-gr. Hardcast (Wide Flat Nose) @ 1,300 fps in 6.5" barrel. Just think what velocity and whollop this 320-gr. load will achieve in a 18 1/2" carbine!

2. Federal Premium 240-gr. Hardcast @ 1,300 fps in 6" barrel.

3. Winchester Supreme 250-gr. Partition Gold @ 1,500 fps in 6" barrel. Provides deep penetration and good expansion on all Big Game and can also crush heavy bone, especially when used in a rifle.

4. Double Tap 240-gr. Bonded Gold Dot Soft Point @ 1,500 fps in 6.5" barrel.

5. Hornady 240-gr. XTP Soft Point or JHP.

6. Winchester Supreme 250-gr. Platinum Silvertip (S44PTHP). The Platinum Silvertip is an outstanding deer round, providing massive energy deposit through judicious expansion and excellent penetration due to its massive 250-gr. size. This heavy duty bullet is based on the Ranger T design, with 6 sharp claws or talans that cut a serrated wound channel (rather than a smooth one) unlike traditional hollow-points. Its design has a notched reverse taper jacket, which means that the jacket is thicker at the top than it is on the bottom; just the opposite of most hunting bullets (rifle or handgun). This unique reverse taper feature enables the sharp talan-like claws to remain in tact during penetration and not peal off as traditional HP's do.

7. Remington 240-gr. Core Lokt.

8. Remington 240-gr. Soft Point or JHP.

9. PMC 240-gr. Soft Point or JHP.

10. For emergency self defense, use: 1. 240-gr. FMJ Hard Ball; 2. Any load from above; 3. Run really fast. Laugh

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