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4 Wheeler????

4 wheeler are not allowed in/on public land in texas, nor on our private lease so its not an issue. However, I was on a lease for 15 years that ran four wheelers the last 5, and it was a problem. The deer stopped bedding in our area, didn't do much feeding, became very aware what the sound of a 4 wheeler meant. Good luck to ya wherever your hunting.

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4 Wheeler????


You couldnt have posted a better topic. Although I do use a 4 wheeler for my hunting I only use them to drag out deer. I hate when I here those machines drving by disturbing the deer.

Great Topic. Im all for it Thumbs up

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4 Wheeler????

The Forest Service policy nationwide is no "cross country travel" with an ATV on National Forest land. This means you can't make your own trails or use trails that are not considered "official"(user trails). There are designated trails and roads that you can drive them on.

I know up here folks complained. "How do I get my deer out of the woods if I can't go X-country?" I say DRAG it like we have done for years!! I own an ATV and love driving it, but I know they can do some damage if used incorrectly.

In MN there are set hours for operation during gun deer season. You can only drive before and after shooting hours andfrom 11am to 2pm.

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4 Wheeler????

well just reading all the post and i think that 4 wheelrs should be banned all toghter yeah i own one but guys here in northern alberta drive in the bush on the road on every trail threw my bear baits. i think that the goverment should make you pay 100 bucks to use your four wheeler to hunt because after noon here your allowed to and it begins a war. ban them all toghter and make people think hey i'm a idiot and i might have been the one that wrecked it for everyone. Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,)

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I am a handicapped hunter and use my 4 wheeler to access my huning spots with out it I can not hunt. maybe the run of the mill orv's should be held back. Please dont elimanate my hunting opertunities!

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