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4 for 4 on the speed goats

Well drew 4 tags this year and we all filled them. Not monster bucks but trophies none the less. all of us took our first antelope. Well it was my wife 12 yr old daughter and my brother (who has been putting in for 11 yrs ) and myself.
started off on Friday my wife took hers. A really nice one. Then on Sun brother and daughter got theres. Then today I got mine. So was fun and learned now how to hunt them. Next draw will be a big one. Or next archery season i will take my big one that I have seen for the last 2 yrs which makes this year the 3rd. He was around 84" last year my friend who scores them said. I saw him this year but after I shot at another one.
But will post pics tomorrow or the day after.
Good luck to all.

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4 for 4 on the speed goats

Hey congrats Supersider! Sounds like you all had a good time and trip.