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35 Remington shooters sound off!

Hi Guy`s,

PMC is going to look into making this Starfire load for the 35 Remington.Heres what PMC posted.

Thank you for all your responses gentelmen. We will be discussing the possibility of this load at the next gathering. I have done a bit of searching myself and have seen numerous other forum posts on other boards regarding the .35 Rem. Personally, I think it would be a rather popular round, so I am putting it on top of the list.

Keep those votes coming, gives me more ammo in the board room
Allan Martel
Eldorado Cartridge Corp / PMC Ammunition

Lets get off our butts and let them know what we want.Take the time to register at http://pmcammo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22 I hope they can do a +p load

Thanks guy`s,

35 Remington shooters sound off!

Rifleman10, the 35-Remington is best served by being used as a whitetail deer caliber in the woods. It is NOT and never really was a so called black bear caliber as many seem to think or believe from lack of true knowledge. I know that there are nowdays better made bullets than those of 40 years ago and powders too have come up a notch or two on the ladder but it still doesn't make the 35 Remington anymore than what it was back in those days. A darn good woods caliber for whitetail deer.

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35 Remington shooters sound off!

lets see:

180 gr. bullet at 2200 fps or
200 gr. bullet at 2050 fps

It wouldn't be on my list of must have cartridges. but to each his own. Big smile

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35 Remington shooters sound off!

I've owned a Marlin .35 for years and although I primarily use my bolt action when rifle hunting there are those days when I feel like carrying it around. There is just something about digging out the lever action occationally that makes me feel good. Maybe it's the feel of the old west, or the sound of the action, the look of the fat little bullets as they slide into the magazine, the way it melts into my gloved hand.......I dunno.
Maybe it's just because it's so darn fun! lol

35 Remington shooters sound off!

I feel the same way about my "triple 4 Marlin" (444-Marlin) for hunting whitetail in the hardwoods. It also makes a nice size hole with a 265 grain bullet launched out the front of the barrel.