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35% off 12 Day Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt - May Only

Alaska Cross Country Guiding had a cancellation for May and is now looking to fill these slots.  Normally this hunt is $14,500, now only $9,500 - priced to move.  If you are looking for a quality remote brown bear hunt this is for you.

For more information or to contact us (form on page) - please visit:  Website

The majority of our Brown Bear hunts take place within the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, and the surrounding greater Chilkat region near Haines, Alaska. Mature male Coastal Brown Bears travel between the Chilkat region and the adjacent, enormous wilderness parklands by established routes across the ice fields and through mountain passes as they navigate their vast home-range. This influx of migrating Brown Bears supports a diversified gene pool, and it also provides a ready source of mature male bears which maintains a healthy hunting environment in which to pursue Southeast Alaska’s largest predators.

Our Brown Bears are of a very wide color range, from dark chocolate through a variety of color schemes from blond to multi-colored.  Some bears have such a varied color combination that they are locally referred to as “CALICO” bears, which are most certainly one of the most coveted trophies in all of North America. It is not unusual for a hunter to  purposefully harvest a smaller calico bear, because of the striking coloration. Brown Bears in our hunt area will get up to 10-feet squared, and we target bears over 8-feet squared. Browse our brown bear hunts listed below. Ask about our combo hunts where you can hunt a brown bear and black bear or a brown bear and mountain goat on the same trip!

For more information or to contact us (form on page) - please visit:  Website




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