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338 win mag loading dynamics


I have been looking long and hard at the loading range for my newest Browning A-Bolt in 338 win mag. I've seen offerings for this caliber from 165 grain spitzers to 325 grain roundnose. Is anyone else as impressed as me with the versatility of this cartridge for big game hunting? My heavy loads come pretty darned close to my buddy's 375 H&H stuff, and with the better BC, I beat him out down range. It might not be enough for the big bears for some folks, but I'm not too sure I want to shoot anything much bigger than this round anyhow, and I wouldn't have a problem using it on the big bruins.

What do y'all think?

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338 win mag loading dynamics

Except for the biggest beasts, I think the 338 cal could be about ideal. Variety of bullets, a few chambering choices(I'm hoping for one like 338 Lapua in my next barrel) and they are usually accurate.

Stepping up to 375 is not a huge step. If I'd be inclined to need something bigger as a stopping round, it would have to be 40+ cal.

My buddy is about to start guiding bear hunters next spring in Alaska. There I think you need nothing less than 458. But if you are simply hunting them then I'd feel ok with 338.

PS on a few forums they use the sierra match king bthp bullets in the 338 lapua. 300 grains, accurate and they claim they work like a hunting bullet, not like a varmint bullet. At least its another to consider.
I used 225 X last fall in 338 Win to nail a caribou at 802 and the bullet penetrated and expanded. What more can you ask? 2nd round took out the spine and never slowed down.


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