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.338 caliber shell choice

My buddy is borrowing a .338 from a friend.. Anyone have a favorite round to shoot out of these I have listed...(Elk Hunting) Colorado GMU 62

338 Win mag 250 nosler partition
338 Win mag 180 Nosler Accubond
338 win mag 225 barnes triple shock tsx
338 rem ultra mag 225 nosler accubond

For a first timer, any of these going to be easier to shoot or more accurate etc... I know depends on what he is used to and what not... However just thought I would see what people think...



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.338 caliber shell choice

Go with the 225 gr TSX. And practice. Those kick, but so does everything. The 180s kick the least, but aren't as good a choice for elk. The 250s will kick the most. The .338 is a great elk cartridge, but since the recoil is more severe than most want to deal with I suggest either your buddy not practice at all, or practice like crazy to get used to those mule kicks. I'm kinda kidding about not practicing at all, but if he has fired center fires before and his form is fine, it might be best for him to not experience the recoil and therefore flinch. Thats probably really stupid advice that I shouldn't put up here, but I'll stand by it for now, provided your friend can actually shoot.

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.338 caliber shell choice

I would go with the 180 Nosler accubond. Recoil is not as bad as the 225's and the 180 is enough to get the job done. I have had accuracy issues with TSX bullets. It's too bad that the Nosler E-Tips are not available in factory loads yet, as far as I know, they are incredible.

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.338 caliber shell choice

I've never been a fan of borrowing someone elses rifle especially a rifle that has a lot of recoil. In my opinion you need to practice a lot with a hunting rifle so you can become comfortable with the trigger, action & recoil. This can only be attained by shooting lots of rounds at the range. Typically that doesn't happen with a borrowed rifle.

When i look at the rounds you have listed 338 & 338 ultra mag, which caliber is he borrowing, they're not the same.

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.338 caliber shell choice

I shoot a .338WM and love it.....I reload my own and I use the 225 grain Accubond and have worked up[ a real nice load.

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