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338-375 weatherby any + or -

FWIW the AMU(army marksmanship unit) that wins all kinds of trophies and matches also operates on the long throat and with great accuracy. Now not talking BR accuracy but more than enough to set records and win in highpower competition.

The freebore area in my long throats is appx exact bullet diameter for most bullets and when I switch to Bergers the Berger is .0005 larger than the freebore. Appx.

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338-375 weatherby any + or -

Yep, that's it. If you are going to have a long freebore, it better be tight on the bullet.

You know, what can you say about a 12 gauge shooting slugs with a rifled choke at the muzzle? I guess that is about as freebore as you can get, and they seem to work okay. I've seen em shoot 2 to 3" groups at 100 yards, and that is as good as some rifled barrel 12 gauge guns, so maybe there's more to it.

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338-375 weatherby any + or -

I like the 6 ppc for anything out to 300.
beyond that I prefer the 6.5-284. its an amazing cartridge. that 6.5mm bullet is perfect for long range (ballistic coefficient). I haven't seen anything on the 6.5 PPC your talking about. At first thought it seems a little light on case capacity, but I need to research that statement. the PPC case is great for accuracy so it has potential.

as to the bench being boring.....it can be. I started to shoot competition benchrest, but learned quickly that I didn't have the patience to put in the time to be competitive... I'm a extremely competitive person so if I don't have a chance to win then I lose interest. Its not really a even playing field. For Example it is rumored that tony boyer goes through dozens if not more barrels a year to find his "hummer" barrels. I can barely afford one select match grade shilen barrel let alone dozens. So unless I get extremely lucky with my one barrel I'm at a disadvantage. and if I do get lucky and get a "hummer" better not shoot it at the practice range too much, cuz I might errode the throat .... etc. So I just shoot with some buddies, we joke and poke fun etc.

I've been looking at the three gun competitions they look like fun.

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