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325 WSM

Anybody looking into this new round? Sounds like it gives the performance of the 338 win mag without the kick. Kinda like the Ruger 480 is to the 454 Casull.

Also a little surprised I'm the first to post on it since I am not normally up on the latest and greatest anymore!

Sounds like a good elk cartride(not that there aren't a bunch already!), I might be interested in this one!

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325 WSM

I looked at it a little bit,, sounds like a winner,, didnt' look into it a whole lot but if it gives the performance of a 338 then I'm sure it's a good one. I still have always wanted a 300 mag since I was a little kid so I think I will still get one of them.

let me know if you find some more ballistics on the 325 though

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325 WSM

325 WSM Preliminary Downrange Ballistics
(Note: These numbers are informational only and have not been finalized.) Velocity (fps)
Muzzle 100 yards 200 yards 300 yards 400 yards 500 yards
180 BST 3060 2817 2586 2367 2158 1961
200 AB-CT 2950 2736 2532 2338 2151 1974
220 PP 2840 2657 2481 2313 2150 1994

This is accoding to the factory. If we compare with the 8 mm remington magnum's muzzle velocity the numbers are basically identical. So is it a better cartridge than a 338 win mag? Thats a tough question. In my eyes the 338 was superior to the 8 rem mag thus its superior to the 325 wsm. Whats my reason? personal preference I quess.

I guess its a matter of opinion. I've never been a fan of the 8 mm bullet.I might add, for no particular reason. So, lets explore this a little deeper. Same muzzle velocity with the same weight bullet. So essentially its a difference in bullet diameter. Is a 8 mm bullet superior to a .338 cal. ? The 8 mm would theoritically have a superior ballistic coefficient. But, in the real world the difference is minimal. The 338 is bigger in diameter so should hit harder, but in the real world the difference will be minimal.

Winchester claims:
This proven, “short & fat” cartridge design utilizes highly efficient propellant burn to deliver 338 Winchester Magnum performance with exceptional "bench_rest" accuracy - all in a compact, short action, lighter weight rifle.

I can personally attest to the accuracy of the 300 wsm, but I do not persume to claim the accuracy potential is necessarily transferable to larger bores. I personally have not seen any claims of reduced recoil. If experience with the 300 wsm hold true, then I would say that recoil will be on par with the 338. that is to say that the reduction in recoil will be minimal if at all.

So basically I would say that it is most likely a very good cartridge. But not a significant improvement over existing cartridges. None the less I want one. But, I want to eventually own one of each, calibers that is. Wink

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325 WSM

I haven't been keeping up on the latest in the WSM's. I was so impressed with the 300wsm I use a Browning Micro Hunter as my primary hunting rifle and I had a 700 converted to a customized 30" heavy barreled 270wsm for a long range varminter. If this 325wsm performs as well as it's little brothers it is an outstanding round.

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