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.32 Winchester Special

My father recently came across an old .32 Winchester Special that seems to be quite a relic. It has a solid nickel action and butt plate. There's a stamp on the stock that is a U.S. government stamp for some sort of law enforcement agency. Does anybody know who I could contact about the rifle's history and origin. We are very curious as to it's age and worth.

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.32 Winchester Special

Try here if you haven't already:


or here:


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.32 Winchester Special

Well it is no older than 1902, since this was the first date the 32 WS was introduced. Solid Nickel? Are you sure of this? Perhaps the blueing is so worn that it gives the appearence of nickel? I'm not aware of a solid nickel receiver gun other perhaps one for presentation/ceremony.

I would contact either:

I believe both would charge for their service (although I don't know that for sure) like other companies (such as colt).

It would help to start with the serial number and to determine the model (most likely a 1894 model), then start with the public records available to determine the age.