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.308 vs. 7mm-08

I was doing a liitle caliber research and found that the 140gr 7mm-08 is flatter and has more energy out to two hundred yrds than the 150gr .308

The 7mm-08 also has less recoil.

I may look into getting me or the wifey a 7mm-08

Does anyoone have any experience with this caliber?

Have a .308 and have killed deer with her so I know its a killer.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

Ammo for the 7mm.08 is more expensive and does not have a selection like the 308 has, at least in Canada anyway.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

For all practical hunting ranges you'll never be able to tell the difference. If you buy another 308 you can save on ammo.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

There is a catch: a 140 grain 7mm bullet differs considerably from a 150 grain .30 caliber bullet. The fact that there is a 10 grain difference is irrelevant, as the 140 grain 7mm has a higher sectional density, and thus, a greater ability to penetrate than the 150 grain .30 cal. For all practical purposes, the 140 grain 7mm could be more realistically compared to the 165-168 grain .308 bullet.

With regard to the two rounds, they are both used on the same types of animals in most cases, they are excellent choices for such animals as deer, antelope, black bear, mountain goat, etc, and also work on elk with proper bullet selection and shot placement.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

7mm-08 is an awsome gun but as previously stated ammo is more expensive and usually the gun is too.(depending) My friends father owns one but i have a savage .308 that i love too. Can't go wrong with either.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

While the 7mm-08 would make a nice setup for your wife, I suggest you stay with the 308 Win caliber and let her shoot the Reduced Recoil loads if necessary.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

The 308 win has always been a better cartridge with the 165gr bullet in my opinion. I never had much luck with 150 grs. I don't have the numbers here but try comparing the 308 165gr to the 7mm-08 140gr. Really much to do about nothing unless you decide to go after something bigger than deer, say elk. Then I would think the 7mm-08 case is a bit small to handle the bigger bullets. Then I'd give the edge to a 7x57 with good handloads and 154/160 class bullets.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08
Don Fischer wrote:
Really much to do about nothing unless you decide to go after something bigger than deer, say elk.

Well said. I agree, the difference is really irrelevant for the conditions considered. Since you have the 308, let her shoot that. If she doesn't like the recoil and you want to get a more substantial reduction by reducing cartridge size try a 243.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

There is truthfully very little difference between the two except:

1. A much larger bullet selection for the 308.
2. Flat shooting and energy = bullet speed; and if you want 3,000 fps out of the 308 with a 150 grain bullet, you can get it out of the box with hornady light magnums.
3. Felt recoil will be decided more by rifle weight and type, if any, of a recoil pad. Since the powder difference is less than 5 grains on a max load, I doubt she will know the difference.
4. My daughtor shoots a 308 very, very comfortably. Adn she is very, very good with it too:-)

Personally, I shoot a 308 and my hunting partner shoots 7-08. Both are outstanding, but I like a "wider" bullet and I like the ability to shoot heavier bullets in country where I might run into bear (black bear out here).

Also, fyi, I suggest the following article as great reading on this subject. The article is a alittle long, but covers a whole lot of ground. http://www.kifaru.net/posimag.htm

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

I bought my son a 7mm-08 a few years ago, mostly because I had always wanted to have one. It has proved to be an excellent caliber on deer and Elk. It has plenty of punch until you get out to extreme ranges (ref. 7mm mag.) with a 140gr bullet. I don't think the ammunition is much more (if any) expensive than any other bullet in a premium round.
Attached is my son's first Elk with his 7mm-08.

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.308 vs. 7mm-08

The difference between the two is like splitting hairs.
308 has a greater selection of stuff to choose from.
There is more than enough energy in either one.
If it's recoil your concerned with get a 260.

I have a routine I go through every year, when I'm headed on a modern rifle big game hunt.
I simply grab a 30 caliber.

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