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.308 TC Venture or .308 Browning x-bolt

I am wanting to purchase a .308 and am looking at the TC venture and the Browning x-bolt.  Any recommendations on which one is better?  

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I don't think you can go

I don't think you can go wrong with either rifle, but my personal preference not based on anything really tangible is the Browning but I wouldn't turn down a T/C if it were offered to me.

What do you want from the rifle and why these two brands? 

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rifle choice

Well, you've asked, so here goes. I have handled a T/C Venture and was very disappointed in the build quality. The bolt was stiff and the rifle has way too much plastic for my tastes. I've handled a Browning X-Bolt and although I'm still a bigger fan of the older A-Bolt, the X-Bolt is a much nicer rifle than the Venture IMHO. Now, the T/C Icon is a higher grade gun than the Venture, by a good bit IMO and with the sale prices and rebates available on them, I'd look at one of the Icons way before I'd settle for a Venture. Have you looked at the Icons at all? A friend of mine just got one and after the rebate is applied he's getting a blue/walnut Icon for about $470. total NIB.

Good Luck with whatever you choose!!

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